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Glamour Magazine: Just How Far Are You From The Handbag Of Your Dreams

Ever look longingly at a hot pair of shoes or a to-die-for dress and wonder just how long it would take for you to save up for it? Wonder no more, dolls!

Consumerist has just discovered this handy (or perhaps utterly devastating) calculator called "Days to Pay," and its purpose is to figure out exactly how long, down to the minute, it will take you to earn whatever new purchase you have your eye on. Create a profile for yourself by inputing your salary, your expenses, and how many hours you typically work a week, and this thing will deliver an extreme reality check in the form of an exact number.

This Miu Miu handbag? It would take a woman who works 40 hours a week at $30,000 a year more than two full days of work to earn! Meredith morbidly pointed out that I'll have one foot in the grave by the time I score the Birkin bag, Chanel suit, and the rest of the items on the mile-long wish list I've been adding to since, oh, birth.

At first I found Days to Pay to be a depressing distraction, but the more time I spent with the calculator, the more I realized how careless I can sometimes be about my spending. Before you give in to the temptation to splurge on a last-minute outfit at Forever 21, head over there and see just how many minutes you'll need to spend at your desk for it! It's actually a genius lesson in how to manage your spending money. What do you think, gals? Will you check it out? Do you ever justify your purchases by how long it took to earn them? Discuss!

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"It's actually a genius lesson in how to manage your spending money."

- Glamour Magazine


...if you take the added interest that accrues on the increased balance of your debt into account, over time that price quickly grows—and that's the dollar amount The Real Damage focuses on.



A free online calculator at may help you say no to new spending...

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