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Professional Computer Repair

I’ll fix your computer for a fraction of what the stores charge.

Who am I?

Glad you asked. I’m a software developer that likes to get his hands dirty fixing up computers to get them running at optimal efficiency.

Why do I do this?

I got tired of hearing about my neighbour paying through the nose to have their computers fixed, only to be up-sold on new parts they never needed in the first place. So, I started offering to fix their computers myself at half the price what the stores charge just to diagnose the problem.

What you get for $80 from me:

Corrected Application Errors, Corrected Windows Errors, Cleaned Circuit Boards, Optimized System for Speed, Startup Windows Faster, Remove Fake Virus Scanners, Remove Grime from Case, Remove Dust Bunnies in Case, Clean Inside of Power Supply, Remove Unnecessary Programs, Install Service Packs, Install Hotfixes, Free Disk Space, Clean Temporary Files, Wipe Free Space, Rootkit Removal, Defragment File System, Malware Removal, Virus Removal, Spyware Removal, Trojan Removal, Update Drivers, Identify Faulty Components, Correct Outlook Errors, Correct Internet Explorer Errors, Diagnose Wireless & Networking Problems, Install Hard Drives, Install Components, Install Windows, Free Security Software.

What you get for $179-$239 from the stores:

Virus Removal, Spyware Removal


Fixing computers takes time, and you don’t want me sitting in your house, clicking away and stirring up dust. That’s why I work on machines in my own shop, using my own professional tools.

Drop your computer off with me today and I’ll start on it ASAP!

Best to email me, but you can also leave me a message at 905-317-7149



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