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Every once in a while I write an article, usually about PC configuration or security. However I have on occasion extended out to other area's such as GeoCaching.

You are the anti-spam: Keep your email address private

When it comes to keeping spam out of your inbox, your first line of defense (and perhaps the most effective) is you. By following a few simple rules I have outlined in this series, and using up-to-date spam blocking software, you can stop the flood of spam in it's tracks or maybe before it's even started.


You are the anti-spam: Plain text emails

Since the introduction of the Internet/Arpanet and the Simple Mail Transport Protocol (SMTP), email has changed the way we communicate. We supply a destination address, type in a message and click send. In an instant, our message is delivered to our recipient. It was elegant, simplistic, fast and easy to use... Which always means, someone has to flip it on its end and complicate the whole matter.


You are the anti-spam: Never Unsubscribe

Are you getting a bunch of emails that tell you they are legit and you Opted-In to an email subscription? Don't remember subscribing? Most likely, you did not. Oh look, they included a handy link to easily unsubscribe and stop receiving these emails. How nice of them, I'm sure this is all a mistake.


You are the anti-spam: Zombies

Q: What is a Zombie Network?
A: A network of Zombie computers controlled by script kiddies, hackers or spammers... or all of the above. Zombie Networks can also be leased to others on the black market. Their usual purpose is to disseminate a flood of spam from a decentralized location to cover their tracks, perform denial of service (DoS) attacks on web servers or for pirating software/music/porn etc...


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