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You are the anti-spam: Zombies

Q: What is a Zombie Network?
A: A network of Zombie computers controlled by script kiddies, hackers or spammers... or all of the above. Zombie Networks can also be leased to others on the black market. Their usual purpose is to disseminate a flood of spam from a decentralized location to cover their tracks, perform denial of service (DoS) attacks on web servers or for pirating software/music/porn etc...

Q: What is a Zombie computer?
A: A computer that has been breeched which allows a third party to control the machine. A virus, Trojan, hacker or other malicious program has opened up a hole in your computers security and informed the zombie network that this computer is available to control.

Q: Is my computer a Zombie?
A: Yes. Well, maybe. It is estimated that 1 in 10 computers with an internet connection have been zombified and that an un-patched windows machine, once connected to the internet will be breeched within an average or 30 minutes.

Q: How can I protect my computer and stop supporting spammers, hackers and others ruining the internet.
A: The first thing to do is install an up-to-date virus scanner (one that will scan in/out-going emails, downloaded files and IM messages. Next, a decent firewall. After these are all setup and ready to go, immediately perform a full system virus scan. You will want to scan all your hard drives. Set it up to scan within Archived files and to use Heuristic Analysis. Please... If you have a virus infection... No matter what, either clean or delete the file. If the program says it cannot clean the file, delete it anyways.

Now that your computer is virus free, it's time to update your Operating System. Go to Windows Updates (or Mac updates... or whatever non-windows people do). Download and install ALL critical updates! Even if it says, it will take 24 hours to download it. YOU NEED ALL OF THEM! If it is listed as a critical update then that means there are zombie networks trolling the internet using that exploit right now.

Ok, your virus free, your OS is all patched up... now what? Your system is doing pretty good, but be want to be great, so we need to check for Spyware or Adware on the computer. Virus scanners DO NOT check for Spyware or Adware (if you do not know what these are, stay tuned for an article about them here soon), this is because they are not classified as viruses, in fact... You in some form have agreed to let these programs spy on your computer and activities. A firewall will usually catch the Spyware in the act, but it's better to get rid of the Spyware all together and as an added bonus, if you are able to find the Spyware and remove it, you'll probably find your computer and internet speeds increase dramatically. Download a Spyware scanner and scan your whole computer. If you find any, remove them!


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