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You are the anti-spam: Keep your email address private

When it comes to keeping spam out of your inbox, your first line of defense (and perhaps the most effective) is you. By following a few simple rules I have outlined in this series, and using up-to-date spam blocking software, you can stop the flood of spam in it's tracks or maybe before it's even started.

Only give your email address to people you want to converse with through email. This seems like common sense, but it's hard to stick to. There are tons of websites that require you sign up with them before you can read / download / comment from their site. All of these sites will want your email address as verification. My suggestion is to be very selective with the sites you signup with and read their privacy policy first to make sure they don't sell/rent/lease/lend/give/share your personal information with others. If you do choose to sign up with a site, use a secondary email address from a free web mail site such as,,, etc...

Never post your email address anywhere on the internet. Chat rooms, discussion boards and guest books are gold mines for spammers that use email-harvesting programs to troll these sites. Within minutes of posting on one of these sites, your email address will have been harvested by spammers and/or criminals. Criminals known as 419 Scammers or Nigerian Scammers, regularly scan these sites for new victims.

The bottom line when it comes to your email address; keep it secret, keep it safe.


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