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Watch a late night movie and your sure to be enticed to send off your gold to an unknown company and trust they will give you fair price. how do you know if it's really fair?

What if you already knew how much your gold was worth before you started searching for a buyer? The gold purchasers rely on their customers to be confused about the real value of their gold items. Knowing the real price gives you the advantage when negotiating a fair deal. The gold value calculator is simple to use and accurate.


What's the world saying about our applications?

"It's actually a genius lesson in how to manage your spending money."

- Glamour Magazine


...if you take the added interest that accrues on the increased balance of your debt into account, over time that price quickly grows—and that's the dollar amount The Real Damage focuses on.



A free online calculator at may help you say no to new spending...

- Wall Street Journal


Do you have a big screen TV on your Santa wish list? How about an Xbox 360, or a new iPad? You might rethink some of those wishes once you check a new website.